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Q: Are there differences between a Professional Toastmaster & Master of Ceremonies?

A: Usually a Master of Ceremonies (MC) is employed to make announcements not unlike a compere. A Professional Toastmaster is trained to facilitate what the client wants from their event or occasion and can be considered a much more personal service that involves liaising with a number of others who are also working to make your day special as well as the client. In this respect a trained Professional Toastmaster might be viewed as a conductor who pulls the whole event together but always ensuring he/she delivers what the client wants from their event or occasion in the way that they want.

Q: How much will employing the services of a Professional Toastmaster cost?

A: This will vary depending on the length of time you wish the Professional Toastmaster to work and the duties you wish to be carried out. For instance at a Wedding, a Professional Toastmaster can begin at the church or venue in which a Civil Ceremony is taking place and continue to introduce evening guests or the first dance or even be employed until the 'happy couple' leave. In any event a written quotation will be made on your initial enquiry. However I will charge travelling expenses outside a radius of 50 miles from Cromer (Norfolk). Costs are an important part of any social event or occasion and obtaining a quotation is important to then be able to factor in other expenses e.g. a florist and evening entertainment. I will be pleased to speak to you personally about this

 Q: What is the significance of the red coat worn by a Professional Toastmaster?

A: The Professional Toastmasters red tailcoat (referred to as a hunting pink) is a regulatory and traditional uniform worn outside of the City of London. Toastmasters operating within the City of London including the Guildhall, The Mansion House and for the Guild of Livery usually wear black evening tailcoat and a white and red sash denoting the establishment in which they are working. A Professional Toastmaster would not usually wear the hunting pink at a church, synagogue, or mosque for example as they are not performing the normal toastmaster duties. In such cases due consideration is given and a black tailcoat is worn until the Bride and Groom arrive at the reception venue when they would then be greeted by a Professional Toastmaster who would have changed into the red tailcoat. My own view is that the Professional Toastmaster uniform also adds a touch of finesse and splendour to a Wedding or social event in which he/she is employed to work.

Q: What do you mean when you say you are 'willing to carry our worry bag' on our special event / day??

A: What I mean by this is that any event however small or large, formal or informal, brings with it associated worries and pressures. For instance ensuring everything runs to time and everyone is in the right place at the right time is an important element of my work. For most weddings there will always be an element of both sets of families meeting for the first time that brings its own anxieties especially organising the seating plan! Additionally, what to say in speeches and public speaking is a common cause of concern. These and a range of other issues I can specifically help you with and will help you to identify these at our first face to face meeting. I will then, based on that conversation produce a written 24 hour timeline and include the issues and concerns you have identified and ways of working through these.

Q: What can I do if I am unhappy with the work of my Professional Toastmaster?

A: It is always prudent when making initial enquiries about employing the services of a Professional Toastmaster to see if he/she belongs to any Toastmaster organisation of which there are a number in the UK. As a Professional Toastmaster and a Member of the Royal Society of St. George, I have been trained to observe the social niceities and correct etiquette and form for a range of events and occasions. I am personally accountable for how I perform on the day and includes a strict adherence to a Code of Ethics which is a further assurance for clients of the quality of being a Professional Toastmaster. 

Q: Why should I engage John as my Professional Toastmaster or Master of Ceremonies?

A: Engaging me as your Professional Toastmaster or Master of Ceremonies will bring sophistication and elegance to your special occasion. I will display an air of dignity and charm without pomposity, whilst always offering personal attention and caring about you.... as well as your event. This is achieved by working closely with you to meticulously plan an excellent event or occasion and carry the 'worry bag' on your special day. Not only can you be reassured that your event is well organised, but with my trademark sense of professionalism, caring and a good dash of humour throughout, I will also have a calming influence on you as well as the proceedings. 

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